High Tech House Call, LLC Technology Service Small Town Service, Big Results

High Tech House Call, LLC Technology Service
Worry-Free Business Information Technology

High Tech House Call plans for strong IT-supported business with the shortest available problem recovery time and the highest possible productivity.

Total Business SolutionsOur ┬áTotal Business Solutions service is the choice for businesses who depend on their computer technology to remain in business or who use technology as a strategic tool for growth. We know how hard it can be to juggle your business and the technology that runs it. That’s why we offer Total Business Solutions for Owners and Managers who are seeking a better work/life balance.

With Total Business Solutions (TBS), you pay one flat rate for all your IT needs. We handle your pesky vendors like the phone company and the copier people. We ensure your business is being run according to the best industry practices for IT. And with TBS you’ll know that your business is ready with a continuity plan that will keep you up and running in the eventuality of disaster.

Beyond that, High Tech House Call will keep a watchful eye on your computers and network and respond to any problems that crop up. Often there are warning signs that go unnoticed before the big problems become evident. Our systems let us know when those minor problems occur and we react to them before you feel any pain. With TBS, we have the ability to remotely manage all your systems. That means we address issues faster and often resolve your problems quicker than the others who have to dispatch a technician to get anything done.

Working toward the same end

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Full Computer Support including

  • desktop, server, and network hardware
  • proactive monitoring & management
  • VoIP, internet, and voice telecommunications
  • backup &┬ádisaster recovery
  • helpdesk
  • virus & malware protection
  • spam protection
  • much more…

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