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High Tech House Call, LLC Technology Service
Never at odds with IT again

Working toward the same endWork with rather than against your IT service provider. Here’s how:

When you engage our Total Business Solutions service, you align our goals with yours. In the past, you’ve had to keep an eye on your IT¬†expenditures¬†and balance up-front costs with spending on service down the road. When all of that is our responsibility, we make the decisions about what to spend now & what to spend later. We’re the experts and if we make the wrong choice, we pay for it. We’re strongly motivated to keep your computers working when you’re just paying a flat fee for our inclusive expert service.

When we’re all pulling toward the same goal, things run smoother. Never again will you need to worry if our advice is motivated to get you to spend money. That sort of behavior wouldn’t help us one bit with Total Business Solutions. Why? Because it would be us who would be spending the money. On the flip side, humans are our highest cost so we’re more than willing to spend money to avoid downtime & reduce recovery time with TBS.

Killer Server

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Flat rate IT spending puts us all in the same boat and puts High Tech House Call in business to help you grow, be stong, and use IT strategically to make your business the best possible.

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