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High Tech House Call, LLC Technology Service
Together, we are stronger

Working TogetherWe’re all in this together. It’s important to us to build a strong community around us so we can all have the best quality of life possible. Our small-town philosophy caries through to everything we do. We buy everything we can locally from local merchants and encourage you to do that same. When we make donations, we give to local charities, and encourage you to do the same. Together, we can all build a community where we want to live and work and care for one another.

It’s important for us to develop relationships that align our goals with your goals. It makes us feel so much better when it’s clear to you that our interests are yours. One way we align goals is through flat rate services. When we do that, our goal is simply to keep you running the best you can. Doesn’t that sound nice? Or would you prefer the current per incident pricing that makes every interaction with your information technology provider a new transaction?

Both House Call Connections & Total Business Solutions are services designed to bring our goals into alignment with our customers’ goals. When you pay a flat rate, we want to keep you running the best you can and the upsell isn’t even on our minds.

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