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High Tech House Call, LLC Technology Service
Delivering IT like Mom delivers chicken soup.

Mom's Chicken SoupAt High Tech House Call, we know how computers can really ruin your mood some days. We aim to bring information technology to you the way mothers bring chicken soup to their ailing children. Technology doesn’t have to get you down and it certainly doesn’t have to keep you down when High Tech House Call is here to make it all better.

We have the deep experience and the confidence that comes with it to navigate the constantly changing computer landscape. Take our hands and let us lead you where you would otherwise be concerned to go.

We have the answers to the following questions:

We Treat You Like Family

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  • How do you keep viruses & all kinds of malware off your computer, guaranteed?
  • How do you keep your computer from slowing down over time?
  • How do you choose the right computer when your looking for something new?
  • How do you keep your business IN BUSINESS in the event of a theft, fire or flood?
  • How do you extract maximum productivity from your staff?
  • How do you ensure assistance is just a phone call away when you’re travelling?
  • How do you enjoy uninterrupted use of your computer at an affordable price?

If any of these questions have been bothering you, call us today. We have the answers. Our solutions are so good, you may actually be shocked

Let us show you how we do it with a gentle nurturing hand: never frustrating, always there when you need it.

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