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High Tech House Call, LLC Technology Service
How Connections Works

Industrial Strength Tools Working TogetherHigh Tech House Call brings five separate cutting edge technologies together with years of experience, constant research, and small town service to create House Call Connections (HCC). HCC brings the big results usually reserved for big companies down to a level we can all afford.

To accomplish the pretty amazing tasks of reacting to brewing problems with your computer, maintaining a clean hygienic operating system free from bugs & viruses, and ensuring every single document and piece of software you have on your computer is backed up regularly, we need some pretty serious tools. We use an industrial strength remote monitoring & management system. It’s not some watered down “home” version; it’s the real deal. If fact, we use the same system for our heavy duty business offering: Total Business Solutions. Using remote management, we keep your computer 100% up to date with tested updates from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle/Sun, and more. We link that with several layered malware prevention tools which maintain a clean environment free from phishing, spyware, viruses, trojans and other nasty critters. We’re so confident in the protection House Call Connections provides that we’ll be happy to clean your computer should something get by us. Just one virus could cost hundreds of dollars to fix and days without the use of your computer.  HCC is a great unmatchable value. Finally, we use a backup solution that is complete and flexible. We can use it to take your computer back in time up to several weeks. We can recover files lost due to accidental deletion or recover files which have become corrupt for one reason or another. Though the recovery process is not covered under HCC, the ability to take advantage of it is. Furthermore, we can use our backup technology to migrate your operating system (Windows), software (Microsoft Office etc), and data (Word files) to a new hard drive on the same computer or a new computer altogether in the event of a hardware failure. On their own, these are pretty incredible technologies. Used together, they add up to one incredible service at an even more incredible price. Without HCC, what kind of protection from viruses, hardware failure, and out of date software would you have?

Total Business Solutions

Click here to find out about our Total Business Solutions service

Most users will pay $35 per month for House Call Connections. Users who exclusively use Gmail, are able to get HCC for only $30 per month. High Tech House Call believes strongly that Gmail protects users from malware and other attacks & that users who use it exclusively are due a break since we know there’s a much lower chance that we’ll have to clean a virus off their computers.

High Tech House Call is currently offering waived installation & setup for users who sign up for HCC for at least a year. The normal installation & setup fee is $125. When a computer is first enrolled in HCC, we spend 15 days intensively studying the computer to make sure it’s in good shape. Should there be problems which cannot or you choose not to resolve, all fees will be permanently waived. You may cancel your service at any time though a prorated portion of the waived installation fee will be due should you do so before the end of the first year of service.

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