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Why is giving locally a good thing?

Kids swinging on ropesWhen we give money to local charities, we support local jobs, local spending, and local values. We know you have a choice whether to spend your money here in town or with a bigger company in a bigger city not too far away. We appreciate when make the choice to spend your money with us.

To thank you for spending locally, When you buy service from those bigger companies in bigger cities, you probably won’t get to know the people you are working with like you do when you chose High Tech House Call. The same can be said for your gifts. Get to know the people who appreciate the money & time you give and get to know the recipients of your generosity. You can’t do that when you ship your money off to the big city.

Giving makes you happy and when you can meet the people you are giving to, you’ll feel like a kid again.

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